Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I Have a Cunning Plan

HELLO AGAIN. I am so sorry for the radio silence for the past month-and-a-half (gah, it’s been that long? @__@). I was in Japan and then I was in Beijing and then I went to Ha’erbin (a VERY cold Chinese city near the border with Russia) and then I was back in Beijing and then I came home to England. Finally. For four weeks :3 Hooray for uncensored internet! I’ve finally knocked my jetlag on the head and now I’m getting round to all the stuff I totally sidelined for the past couple of weeks while I was travelling about.

While I was on the plane home from Beijing my sleep-deprived brain managed to solve a plot hole for the middle of this story because for some reason I’m more creative when I haven’t slept. That was a positive step. All I need to do now is the actual writing part…

Also, I came up with a plan for a schedule for this blog. I’m going to aim to do two weekly posts, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. (I know today is neither of those. xD I meant to do this post last Friday, started writing it, and completely forgot to finish). Friday’s post will be a regular one – an excerpt, or status update, or ‘The Evolution of Characters’. Tuesday will be Recommendation Day. I will make a blog post recommending something which is linked to this project in some way, like an influential book or person or game. The link might be completely off-the-wall and obscure, but I promise to make the thing I plug an interesting thing.

So there you have it. This is my cunning plan. On Friday I will hopefully remember to make a post and the schedule will come into effect. For the sake of making it official, all times on this blog (for the next 3 weeks at least) are GMT/UTC, so there’s a slim chance that my post won’t go up on Tuesday/Friday in your timezone, but it will be in mine.

What have you (all two of you who read this blog) been up to since I last posted? Leave a comment!


  1. Wow, an Eastern voyage! Where were you in Japan? I think I envy you, at least a little bit :) *wanders off to pick up an anime to watch*
    I like the idea with the links to interesting stuff, look forward to the first installment.
    Hey, I want to meet this second person! :)
    Anyway, I've signed up to, and let me tell you, critiquing the writing of other members is doing me a world of good. I've yet to post anything of my own, though I've collected the needed karma points, so that's the immediate goal.
    Signed up for a free 2 year writing course on too, and despite it being a very slow-going process, it's already made me consider some points I never consciously paid attention to. Good stuff.
    And I quit my job right before the NY :)

    1. I was in Oita, on Kyushu island. I've been to Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima as well all the way back in 2005 on a family holiday. These days I visit my boyfriend who's studying for a year at Oita University. And I'm studying in Beijing for the year.

      The second person is my best friend xD She reads the posts and then "comments" to me over IM instead of on here. There are a few others who've given it a look over but I'm pretty sure you two are the only ones who came back regularly!

      I will definitely check out those sites. Funnily enough, I've joined a new writing community too just recently. It's on an app called Books Amino and the community is mainly young teens, but it's given me a new audience for my writing and like you said, critiquing others' work really helps with your own. The main drawback of the app is a limit of about 1,000 words per blog/forums post; but it also means that the writing is split into easily readable chunks. I sometimes lose steam when I have to critique a massive great passage xD

    2. Also, you quit your job? =o Are you in the market for a new one now?

    3. Sounds very cool! How do you like it there?

      Ah, that explains it. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have your audience once the project picks up steam.

      Yep, I'm sure all communities are getting new participants on the NY - with all the resolutions, and convenient holidays that can be used for learning more about them and making tentative steps inside.
      I hear you about the easily readable chunks for critique: people who post 6-7 thousand words in one go are bad for my blood pressure ;)

      Just entering the market: it was good to have a month mostly for myself, but parental pressure is harder to ignore as the time passes.

    4. I like it quite a lot :) Not perhaps so much that I want to live there permanently, but enough to enjoy a year spent there and the different set of opportunities it provides. Also, everything is REALLY cheap in China xD

      What kind of job are you in the market for? :3 I'm dreading entering the real world after I graduate uni, haha. I'm just so used to being in education and actually having the time to spend on projects like this. I don't really know how well that will work once I get a full-time job.